What is Ark:form?

Ark:form is CAD - but not as you know it.

Ark:form has been designed from the ground up to offer the fastest and most intuitive way to create and modify virtual buildings.
A concept that may take days to develop with another computer aided design platform can be created in under 30 minutes with Ark:form.

Yes... it really is that quick.

This speed doesn't come at the expense of the power that professionals need though;
Ark:form is as quick and instinctual when manipulating highly complex models as it is working with simple forms.

Ark:form provides the closest and simplest fit between how you conceptualise the different parts of a building, and how they are represented in the model.
This allows you - the architect - to focus on the art and form of your vision without the software getting in the way.

Simply put - Ark:form is Architecture at the speed of thought.

We are hard at work bringing Ark:form from its current prototype implementation to a commercial release and are actively seeking further investment to make this possible.
Whether you are an interested and experienced investor or would just like to know more about Ark:form - we'd love to hear from you so get in touch!

Our Team

Stefan Garstang


Stefan is our product visionary. Having developed the functional prototype and ideas of Ark:form over many years, he brings technical direction and development skill with a background in architectural studies.

Euan de Boer


Euan manages the business affairs. He has 15+ years experience in the IT industry including project management, as well as bringing the experience gained in starting and running a successful business in the UK.

Ruslan Idrisov

Senior Developer

Ruslan brings a wealth of programming experience to our team. His background is in 3D development and architectural development. He's also got a sharp eye for visual design and communication.

Get in touch with us

  • 25 Pirie Street, Wellington, 6011, New Zealand

  • info@arkform.com

  • +64 4 889 0757